Getting to Know Fluity

Fluity Statistics

Statistics for Fluity are found on every page so you always have an overview of the platform stats.


With “Dashboard” selected, you will be able to view the Fluity main dashboard sections:

  • Trove
  • Stability Pool
  • Staking
  • Vesting


The Trove section is where you will maintain your loan. Here you will be able to add/remove BNB as collateral as well as manage your debt.

Opening a Trove

Open a Trove to mint $FLUSD debt against your $BNB.

Adjusting Your Trove

Adjust your Trove by modifying its collateral, debt, or both by clicking on the “Adjust” button.

Closing Your Trove

There are two ways to close your Trove. You can either manually enter the max amount of Collateral/Debt with the “Adjust Button” or you can click on the “Close Trove” button to automatically adjust it to your max amount of Collateral/Debt.

Stability Pool

The Stability Pool acts as a cushion to make the platform more stable. If you provide FLUSD to this pool you will be able to earn some extra rewards.


Stake the $FLTY you earn to receive protocol income in $FLUSD and $BNB.

Start Staking

1) Click the “Start staking” button

Adjust Stake

You can adjust the amount at any time by clicking the “Adjust” button and changing the stake value:

Claim Stake Gains


$FLTY rewards can be withdrawn from the Vesting Pool.


You can farm FLTY by staking your PancakeSwap BNB/FLTY LP tokens.

Risky Troves

Risky Toves are troves that have a low collateral ratio and may be liquidated if collaterals prices drop sharply.


What are redemptions?

A redemption is when FLUSD is exchanged for BNB. That is, for every $1 of FLUSD you get $1 worth of BNB in return.



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Fluity is a decentralized borrowing protocol with interest-free loans, high capital efficiency, and censorship-resistant stablecoins on BSC.